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Master Deepak Ji - Learn To Use your psychic ability

Each individual possess that so called 'sixth sense' or psychic ability to be precise. But only a few might be aware as to how to use the power of their sixth sense in a positive manner. Astrologer Guru Master Deepak Ji explains that everyone is gifted with this natural psychic energy related to the unconscious mental functioning.

In context with Astrology, Master Deepak Ji emphasizes that certain sun signs are more in accord with their possessed powers, in comparison to others. Astrologically signs are classified under four categories, namely: Fire Signs, Earth Signs, Air Signs and Water Signs.

Master Deepak Ji has suggested certain tips that you can follow according to your sun sign to manifest the power of your unconscious mind.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, being the Fire signs, believe in actions more than words. They are individuals, who will indulge themselves in an activity or task or anything, without giving a thought. A positive outcome will make them feel happy about their step undertaken. They simply follow their hearts to take any decision and it is their heart that strikes their psychic power.

Aries: Born under this sign suggests that you trust the first instinct that you have for a certain situation, problem or person. As you are all about action, try to lay focus on your mental energies. You certainly possess the skills to rule the psychic world.

Leo: For you, it is about being in the limelight and that 'all about me' attitude. In order to attain the correct realm of psychic power, you need to be modest and humble. You need to be selfless and cheerful, as being ‘one’ with the outside world is what makes you gain the actual intuitive wisdom.

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Sagittarius: You have a powerful sense of psychic powers, when it comes to your loved ones. You are risk-takers, free-spirited souls and when you follow your heart to achieve something, your psychic energy becomes prominent.


Your psychic abilities are no less than any other sign but your self-skepticism is what kills your instincts. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn follow a very practical, transparent and precise approach to lead life. You believe in 'what you sow is what you reap' philosophy. You need to build conviction in your sixth sense.

Taurus: When your mind is not wandering and you are in a state of relaxation and calmness, consider playing around with your psychic powers. You may gain eternal insights to your intuitive powers at a peaceful place. You are the most capable and bonded, of all other signs, to Earth.

Virgo: You really need to move past your worries and your nature of overthinking. Your way too detailed approach towards life, lessens your psychic abilities. You need to build that trust, to walk on the path of spiritual wisdom.

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Capricorn: You are way to tactless to see what's beyond the world of common senses. You need to out-grow from the traditional tendencies to achieve psychic wisdom. You need to learn that the possibility of psychic powers is not 'something out of the world'.


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (Air signs)are believed to be the best communicators amongst the world of Astrological signs. However, focusing on your communication skills, you at times are tagged as 'bad listeners'. It is vital for you to pay attention, as leaving this end loose would ultimately affect your understanding regarding psychic powers.

Gemini: You are someone, who relishes learning new things and aspects. There are high chances that you have a significantly powerful psychic radar for your siblings. You can consider developing your psychic abilities with them.

Libra: You are unaware of the fact that you possess highly psychic abilities. You have that special trait, using which you can please others. This ability of yours is somewhat related to your fine tuning with intuitive powers. You are most likely to experience and know more about your psychic powers in a peaceful environment.

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Aquarius: From a young age, you have been using the power of your psychic wisdom, although, being unaware of it. You are not someone who will boast about your intuitive wisdom. You are likely to make your psychic skills stronger by meditating.


Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the most sensitive amongst the Zodiac. You know yourself and your feelings more than anyone can. You easily trust your inner voice, but the negative aspect of it is that you fall for the pessimistic outcome.

Cancer: You look and act practical, which makes others feel that your psychic powers are the least but its opposite. Your sensitive nature adds to your power of intuitive wisdom. Your fine tuning with your loved ones and even others makes you understand what they are going through. To enhance your psychic energy to a higher level, build your confidence in your feelings.

Scorpio: You are blessed with exuberant natural intuitive wisdom. You already lead a life, which connects you to psychic phenomena. Although, you need to make sure that you use your powers in a positive and constructive manner. You need a spiritual guide that can drive your energy in the right direction.

Pisces: You possess the powers to judge and sense the emotions of people around you. You are naturally gifted with this wisdom. However, you need to ensure that negative powers don't overpower your positivity in the world of psychics.



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