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Why Only Stainless Steel Tanks?


Choosing the right tank for your processing needs is not a easy decision without options. Some of the choices include alloy tanks, stainless steel tanks, steel tanks, glass lined tanks, fiberglass tanks, lined tanks, poly tanks, and many others. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages for specific tasks. This can range from performance to cost, but making the decision for which type of tank best suits and fill your all needs is very necessary. What situations lend themselves best for stainless steel tanks?


Stainless steel is a little bit of a misnomer - it does in fact stain. It would be better to call it stain resistant or stainless. It is also much more resistant to corrosion or rust as compared to ordinary steel. This makes it an attractive and perfect option for use in any industry that uses acidic or corrosive materials that wear through their typical tanks and equipment in a short period of time.



Stainless steel tanks offer a relatively low cost and also offer low maintenance option for the processing industry. It is truly said that no type of steel will hold out rough materials, but steel tanks will last longer than a typical tank and this is really something that the user has experienced. Another advantage of these tanks, for those who enjoy working green, is that this stainless steel is almost completely recyclable. Whatever the use for it may be, it can easily be reused and scrapped in a different function should the need arise.