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Vodafone Launches 4G Services


Now bring some more excitement in your life with the help of Vodafone 4G connectivity. This will not only help to access the data on internet quickly but it will help you to download your favourite movies and songs at the light and fast speed. You also have an option to choose NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Sky Sports Mobile TV and Spotify Premium, all included in the Vodafone Red Value bundles. Get access to Vodafone 4G network even when you are in abroad or at your favourite holiday spot destinations. All you need is a Vodafone 4G SIM in your phone. To subscribe the 4G services, simply give a call on the official Vodafone contact number.

Introduction To Vodafone 4G


The Vodafone 4G mobile network has its history way back in the year 2013. Earlier its coverage was only limited to the London city only. In the spectrum auction, Vodafone was only the company who purchased the largest amount of 4G frequency.  More than six million people are subscribed to Vodafone 4G network and is committed to offer 4G network coverage to around 98% of the UK population.

The Network Only For You


Vodafone is completely focused to build one of the strongest networks in the country both in and out. The company is developing changes year after year and it has achieved to provide the latest cutting edge technology to its customers. The company is standing at the forefront of innovation from the day it launched its first mobile call back in the year 1985. The company invests a lot in its both mobile and landline network and is committed to sustain in the future where the demand will only soar.

Connect Your Device To Vodafone 4G


In order to connect your device to the Vodafone 4G network, you will need a 4G compatible device and the updated operating software on your phone. You can choose from the Vodafone Red 4G plans. Choosing one of the plans will set you for the Vodafone 4G signal when it launches in your area.

Vodafone 4G Network Overview


Get to know about the different types of Vodafone 4G networks:

  1. Standard 4G: This type of network is faster than the standard 3G networks.
  2. LTE Advanced: This is the advanced type of 4G networks that is almost twenty times faster than the standard 3G networks.

The frequency used by the Vodafone 4G network is 800 MHz (0.8 GHz) and 2600 MHz (2.6 GHz).

Vodafone Reliability


The company has proved its reliability with its 4G services. Although the initial 4G rates were very high but now many people are getting attracted to this light and fast internet connectivity. When it comes to maintain the connection for long enough, then Vodafone manages to fulfill this condition. Although there were some downs in some parts of the Edinburgh, where the network maintained only the range of 67.2% and in Liverpool the range was 95.9%. In short we can say that the Vodafone 4G network is reliable than any other connections.