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Want to subscribe your favourite Sky services?

Sky Bundles



Want to subscribe your favourite Sky services? Want to build up a Sky bundle according to your needs? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this page will definitely help you to choose your favourite Sky deals. You can choose a standalone services or opt for a bundle. Below you will come across various bundles offered by all the three services which are Sky Tv, Sky broadband and Sky Talk.

If you want to opt any of this package then you can simply call on the official


Sky Tv Bundle:



There are six types of tv bundles offered by Sky. kindly go through the bundles given below:

  • The Original Bundle: It is the starting package from Sky that offers 270 channels. With this package you get “Catch Up Tv”, “Sky+ box ” and “Sky Go”. This deal is available for £20  a month.

  • The Variety Bundle: In this package you can enjoy around 300 channels alongside “Catch Up Tv”, “Kids Tv” and “Sky Go”. This package will cost you £32 a month.

Sky customer service operates its helpline between 8:30am and 11:30pm (UK time), 7 days a week. For after-hours service, you can still access FAQs and raise a support ticket online at

  • The Family Bundle: This package is best suited for all the members of your family who loves to watch their favourite programmes in HD quality. In this package one can enjoy around 350 channels along with 50 HD channels. In £38  a month you get “Catch Up Tv” and  “Sky 3D” .

  • The Sky Movies Bundle: You can enjoy 270 channels with 11 HD Sky Movies channel. The price of this package is £38/month.

  • The Sky Sports Bundle: This bundle is especially for the people who love to watch their favourite sports on tv. This package comes up with 270 channels with 7 Sky Sports channel. The price of the package is £47.50/month.

  • The Complete Bundle: This is a complete package where one can enjoy all the bundles together. This package comes at a price of  £80/month that includes 350 channels along with 11 Sky movie channels (HD) + 7 Sky Sports channel.

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