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What is Redgage? - A Detailed Review


RedGage Description

  •  RedGage is a "first of its kind” website that allows you to cumulate your social content and make money at the same time. If you are social media users then you are already sharing a lot of content- by using this site you will make a little extra, money every month. And, at that point of time you will be promoting all of your content from one central side.


RedGage Detailed Overview




While using RedGage you will have one central hub all your social media content will be aggregated- and the content you put will be available for you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and many more other social media sites. As mentioned above, yes, you will earn money on all your blogs, videos, photos, documents, and links. You will also be able to build a stronger image online for example you will able to brand yourself. The entire process of uploading your content on RedGage is explained is easy to follow, you will be able to set up and earn in a very short time span.

This centralization is vital for a many reasons. Number one, because they say it allows their users to create a stronger web identity which is again as mentioned above- branding the users and also have the chance to swarm, navigate, and review a wide variety of projects. But this centralization is most important because the earnings people make for the content they post depends on the value of what they have posted, and the value of their content is measured by page views and popularity. Though your earnings vary depending on how many pages views your content receives, there is standard minimum cash out of $25, which is lower than some of the other comparable sites that offer to pay users for content. But it is important to pay attention to this payout because users whose earnings do not reach this level will essentially earn no compensation, which could lead to user complaints. Now, the earnings will vary according to the content and popularity of that very content, but you are generally paid per 1000 impressions. And yes of course in order to get these impressions you will have to put in some efforts and get others to head over to RedGage to view your content. There are also daily and monthly contest which provide you with an additional opportunity to earn more. You also need to consider that there are some fees associated with getting your money as well. In order to access your earnings you will need to order a RedGage Visa card which will cost you $5 every year accordingly, along with 2% of charges as a transaction fee every single time you request a payout. Yet again, it all comes down to the driving traffic in your Redgage account.   


RedGage Reputation



The general feedback of RedGage has a varied feedback, as some of them love it, while others hate it. The biggest complaint that seems to be the amount of time is that the users have to wait in order to receive their Visa card. RedGage is a good source of making extra money. But, we suggest you not to rely on this as a reliable form of income, instead think of it as a little extra bonus that you can use for those little extras in your daily life.